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Begin youR Journey to FReedom


get on a budget

payoff debt

reduce stress

improve your quality of life

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Life is too short to live in debt

Living in crisis is no fun.

Debt is no fun. 

Don't be kept from your dreams.  

You were designed for more.

How it works

How it works

Step 1

We get to know you, your dreams, goals, and challenges

Step 2

We guide you through the development of a individualized plan

Step 3

We support you as you execute your plan

Our process begins with a consultation, which will help us get to know you. During our coaching process, we will sit down and talk about your dreams, your goals, your fears, and your challenges. Then, and only then, we will help you develop an individualized plan to help you create a budget, get out of debt, and take control over your finances. We will continue to be available to support you along your journey to financial freedom. 



20 Minute Consultation: Free

We  spend a little time getting to know each other

Initial Coaching Session: $99

2hr coaching session

Budget setup

Find and eliminate unnecessary spending

Debt payoff plan

One month of email contact

Additional Coaching Sessions: $59


Who we are

Who We Are

Journey Financial Coaches, was founded in Durham, NC by Jason Shelton, a Ramsey Certifited Financial Coach, and his wife Koketta. It is their mission to empower people with knowledge, wisdom, and resources so that they may experience financial freedom. Jason and Koketta developed a passion for personal finance after watching their lives and marriage nearly crumble before their eyes. It was at that moment that they became determined to take control of their lives and over their marriage. By following the principles that they now teach, the couple have seen their finances and their marriage transform in ways once thought unimaginable. Their passion is to coach individuals and families along their journey to victory in their finances and in their marriage.

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